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Live the adventure of Christobald, a young guardian of the sea, in search of the four bells of the famous summer festival.

Travel and discover a world open with the strength of your arms, your faithful sailing boat, and your enchanted fan.

The premise of this project was to take advantage of Makey-Makey, an external card pluggable by USB which allows you to solder with your game controller.

(French language only)

Christophe Werle : Design, Environment Artist Lead, Islands Graphics, Level Design
Hugues Antiphon : Design, Character Design Lead, Narrative Design, Sound Design, UI Artist, Quality Assurance
Julien Di Natale : Design, Tech Lead, Character Graphics, FTUE Design, Environment Artist
Martin Rossel : Design, Character Animation Lead, Controller Design, UI Artist, Quality Assurance
Samuel Gay : Original concept, Design Lead, Tech, Character Graphics, Character Animation, Environment Artist

Release date 61 days ago
AuthorsJulien Di Natale, Heatin, Samuel Gay-Obadia
Made withUnity
TagsExploration, makeymakey, Open World
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial

Install instructions

(French language)

Pour jouer avec les contrôles clavier :
Appuyer sur F6 au début du jeu pour sélectionner le mode Clavier.
Les flèches gauche et droite contrôlent les voiles.
La flèche du haut envoie une rafale au-devant du bateau.
La flèche du bas contrôle l’ancre du bateau.

(English language)

To play with keyboard controls : Press F6 at the game's start to select keyboard controls. The left and right arrows control the ship's sails. The up arrow sends wind in front of the ship. The down arrow controls the ship's anchor.


Ocean Breeze - Beta 5.6.zip 187 MB

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